Dark underground Techno. Graphic Art based on the "Howling" movie franchise.

House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, and Funk / Groove set for Ultrablack, featuring George Lara´s original release, "Mirrorball" (c) 2018.

A House Music set with some Jazz influenced, and experimental tracks.

A high voltage Techno compilation!!!

A collection of Deep, Tech, Progressive House, and Techno tracks, with some being percussive, and that may remind us of the East, the desert, and the jungle. The set title, and cover artwork are both based on the Ninja level of power Jin, which means "knowing thw thoughts of others", which is important to us DJs, so that we can take our audience to wherever they want to be. The cover artwork is also based on the movie "Ninja, Pray for Death", starring Sho Kosugi.

A nice compilation of Ibiza Style House, Deep House, and Indie Dance / Nu Disco killer releases. Perfect for you sunset on the beach with your favorite cocktail drink, and your crush. Enjoy!!!

A huge compilation of killer Indie, Deep House, Progressive House, and Techno tracks. The words "House", and "Techno" remind me of the revolutionary, self-sustaining "Ecocapsule" house, designed by Slovak architects.

Nota: para más información sobre la Ecocápsula, visiten: www.ecocapsule.sk/


A brutal collection on Indie Dance / Nu Disco killer tracks, including amazing cover versions of the classics "Missing", "You Spin Me", and Madonna´s "Vogue".



A long, wide, progressive, and extended Techno, Trance, House (with all its adjetives), and Indie set, with dark, dramatic, nasty, and heavy tracks. Some melodic lines remind me of my Metal Years, and the first after-parties held in Colombia. Although this set is not Metal, it can "remain just as heavy, just as extreme - heavier, even!!!" (Words by Trevor Peres from Obituary). Over 3 hours of music, to mangle your mind!!!


If it´s too heavy, you´re too old...like me!!!


Parental Advisory - Explicit Content

A downtempo set containing some of the greatest Tech-House, Deep-House, Progressive House, Techno, and Indie Dance releases. 

DJ live set performed by DJ George Lara, featuring music from Deadmau5, Melleefresh, Beltek, and other House Music masters.

Recorded in Bogotá, Colombia, on August 31, 2012

Parental Advisory - Explicit Content

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